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Choose a combination of mobile and web

At HelloLeadz you can use just mobile or use mobile + web combination to give a thrust to your marketing / lead management process. If you are SME and the marketing is done by one person or different independent persons, opt for our mobile App. If you are a corporate marketing department, you can go for mobile + web combination to enhance your lead management efforts.

Take Control of your Lead Information Instantly

Once your team members are using HelloLeadz App in Events, Exhibits or Tradeshows, every lead's business card they save will be stored in secured Amazon Web server. Marketing managers will have instant access to leads data including social media information. They need not wait for their team to return to office and report about prospective customer details.

Understand Your Leads / Prospective Customers More Deeper

With HelloLeadz mobile and web, you now have an opportunity to capture the business interests of your prospects and categorize your leads. This helps you to understand your leads more deeper.

Focus more on high potential prospects

With HelloLeadz features you can rank prospects and spend more time and effort on high potential prospects. This ensures your marketing dollars are not spent wasted on low potential or irrelevant leads and contacts.

Meet and Greet your leads

Every lead or prospective customer that your team meets and captures in HelloLeadz will receive a greeting message quickly. First impression is the best impression and your first impression needs to be quick.

Powerful Analytics

HelloLeadz comes with simple and powerful analytics that will help you understand your performance in each and every event or tradeshow. It provides deep insights on your leads and prospective customers.

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